BiteTruck Restaurant

BiteTruck is a quick serve food truck operating in Nelson, BC with an online ordering system. The restaurant has been in Nelson over 15 years now and the business is still going strong. BiteTruck has changed owners a couple of times since in operation. However the business is still going strong and most of all it has been constantly growing. New BiteTruck owners have also decided to update the online presence and the order taking system.

BiteTruck uses mostly organic and locally produced ingredients and serves fresh and healthy fast food and has received many “best food” awards. Nelson community seems to be really proud to have this type or restaurant in the city. And with the new website and online ordering system, Bite got even closer and more accessible to it’s community.

Online Ordering and Payment System

At Effect 3 we’ve built them a new website and integrated the online ordering and payment system. This allows restaurant’s customers to order their dasired menu items and pay for them online via credit/debit card. Bite processes payments via established merchant over secured online connections. The merchant processes all transactions on a bank grade secured system. This assures that no personal information gets leaked, lost or tempered with. Besides the online payment processing the restaurant accepts credit and debit card payment as well as eInterac contactless payments at the location.

Healthy Menu

If you are looking for a healthy and organic meal we strongly recommend visiting BiteTruck. Try some of their amazing dishes. Their burgers are one of the best burgers we ever had. And we’ve had a lot. And not to mention the salmon and their vegetarian and vegan options. It’s no wonder that this restaurant has been in business for a long, long time.

We concider BiteTruck owners to be our friends, not our clients. We’ve spent a lot of time together and really got to know them. These amazing business owners will go far from their usual way to accommodate every persons wish. Working with Bite has been a privilege and we are happy to be in this partnership.